This kitchen was flooded and the walls, ceiling and wiring damaged when fire broke out in the upstairs of this home. Water used to put out the fire quickly soaked through the floors to the kitchen. Do you know how much water it takes to put out a fire? Hundreds of gallons per minute! And that water has to go this case, down to the kitchen.




The home owners contacted Slaton Custom Homes to restore their kitchen, and were thrilled to know that they could take this terrible situation and turn it to into an opportunity to update their kitchen. Slaton Custom homes made the process of working with the insurance company and the actual rebuilding as stress-free as possible.


Fire and Water Restoration

When you find yourself in need of repairs due to unforeseen damage, such as fire/water or tornado, rest upon our experience and allow us to walk with you in this journey.  Slaton Custom Homes has years of experience rebuilding homes, and will make this process which may seem difficult as enjoyable as possible.

We work with insurance companies everyday, and can coordinated with them to minimize the hassle and paperwork associated with the restoration process. We are proud to be listed by many top insurance companies as a trusted resource for their customers. If you find yourself coping with damage to your home, don’t hesitate to call Slaton Custom Homes.